Our Services

To schedule a service, please call New Earth Healing Gifts and Services at 732-800-3300 unless otherwise stated.


Reiki - $75 per hour (Jen, Dyan, Nikki, Marilyn)

The word Reiki translates to Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a light touch energy therapy that helps balance the mental, emotional, and physical bodies, Reiki is done fully clothed while lying on a massage table. The recipient is often left with a deep sense of peaceful relaxation.

Reiki and Ascension Guidance - $100 per 1 hour session (Jen)

Jen is a clairvoyant and has been a Reiki Master for 15 years. Having done much exploration into the Ascension process she incorporates her intuitive skills along with her Reiki practice to give educational as well as personal guidance to her clients. The information she shares can help enlighten her clients to the meaning of their current situations, including understanding their life purpose, illuminating blocks, help with clearing those blocks, bringing balance to the energy field along with a healthy dose of encouragement.  

Massage - $75 per hour (Dyan, Nikki, Jackie)

Massage greatly decreases tension and stress.  It helps to detoxify the tissues, increases circulation and improve the functioning of the immune system.  Massage at New Earth combines soothing Swedish massage with myofascial and deep tissue techniques to help ease tension from stress-holding areas such as the shoulders, neck and lower back. Hot stones, aromatherapy and crystals may also be incorporated into your massage to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. 

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For an appointment with Nikki, please contact her directly: 917-815-4990.

Reflexology - $65 per hour or $40 per half hour (Dyan, Nikki)

Reflexology is a holistic healing method which involves massage and pressure of the reflex points found on the hands and feet. These reflexes act as minors reflecting the vitality of the whole organism. Through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and by encouraging toxin release, reflexology encourages the body to heal itself.

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For an appointment with Nikki, please contact her directly: 917-815-4990.

Acupressure for Stress Relief - $35 per half hour (Dyan)

Seva Acupressure for Stress Relief is a gentle practice using the same therapeutic principals as acupuncture. Seva Stress Release protocol is designed specifically to ease the human stress response and support overall well-being. The goal of Seva Stress Release is not to "fix" or "help," but to offer the receiver an opportunity to come back home to themselves.

Deep Memory Hypnosis - $150 per hour (Marilyn)

Hypnosis can be helpful for weight loss, smoke cessation, understanding phobias, fears and more. Hypnosis is NOT a loss for control, it is actually a heightened state of awareness. You are completely aware of your surroundings while tapping into a highly evolved part of the brain.

Please contact Marilyn directly for an appointment: 732-513-8376.

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Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) - $85 per hour (Marilyn)

Similar to Reiki, IET is an energetic healing modality. The goal is focused upon channeling blockages from specific tissues (for example, releasing anger from the liver, grief from the lungs, etc. ) and integrating a new, higher energetic frequency.

Please contact Marilyn directly for an appointment: 732-513-8376

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Intuitive Readings - $185 per 90 minute session, $100 per 45 minute session (Iris)

What does your Higher Self most desire to share with you in this moment? A personal reading is psychological and spiritual in nature and is geared toward connecting you with your own wisdom Source. I offer you a felt sense of your own gifts by acting as an escort into your inner world. A personal reading is uniquely tailored to your present life path and orchestrated by the deepest part of you.

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Beyond Quantum Healing - $377 (up to) 4 hour session (Iris)

Beyond Quantum Healing is a heart-centered and energy-based modality built upon the classic past-life hypnosis regression model. BQH refrains from hard and fast rules and dogma and promotes creative and individualized approaches to healing. BQH is multi-dimensional, thus healing may occur on any or all levels: mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

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Intentional Awakening: Spiritual Mentoring with Iris - $333 includes one 90 minute intuitive reading and two 50 minute companion sessions.

Beginning with an intuitive reading dedicated to you as a spiritually evolving being, we meet one on one monthly to clearly and deeply support your awakening process. You will know if this offering calls for your discernment when:

*You are led to these words and linger over them;

*Your personal world is going through radical changes and your contextual framework is no longer expansive enough to help you;

*You are moving into the commitment/jump off phase of the awakening process and the idea of a mentor feels grounding, loving and intuitively right;

*You sense and then comprehend that you can't move into the unknown at this time without a temporary guide. The human self is undergoing intense dismantling and reconstruction and perceives all that occurs as wilderness territory. You make the choice to support yourself. You understand that this choice helps reveal a map for your inner trek, where before it all felt random, confusing and with the appearance of happening 'to you'. Almost immediately, you relax into a supportive framework that creatively goes to work for you.

*Your emotional being feels the delight and truth of this, and the release of confusion and fear begins.

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Astrological Support Sessions - from $150 (Iris, Susan)

These sessions are meant to help you now by looking at the year ahead through your present state of consciousness. If a transit is extending further than a year, I will offer you the dates that will help you mentally and emotionally settle in with the process of what your soul has prepared for you. Human choices are everything here, and our choices come through our perceptual lenses. Astrology has the potential to help us perceive differently, thus helping us choose differently.

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Please contact Susan directly for an appointment: 908-770-2999

Shamanic Light Body Energy - $125 (Bernadette)

The session is based on the Shamanic tools of the Andes. We begin with a short discussion about challenges or changes you’d like to make in your life. The Illumination is the core process that clears chakras and removes heavy energies blocking your Light Body. I will take a journey on your behalf and together we will process the guidance I receive from my Spiritual guides. 

Please contact Bernadette directly for an appointment: 917-488-0637.

Sage Wisdom Mentoring - $300 (Bernadette)

We will discuss your goals, new projects and major shifts you would like to see in your life. We will continue with the Shamanic Light Body session and take the guidance I receive and incorporate into a plan for you. There will be four follow-up phone sessions to discuss your progress.

Please contact Bernadette directly for an appointment: 917-488-0637.

Light Body Reiki - $100 per session (Bernadette)

The session begins with the Shamanic Light Body Illumination Clearing which uses sound and sacred stones to clear blockages on your energy field. Once we clear your energy field you are ready to receive the nurturing and healing touch of Reiki.

Please contact Bernadette directly for an appointment: 917-488-0637.

Angel Card Readings - $45 for 30 minutes (Jen)

Angel card readings are a very safe and gentle way to receive answers to questions that you may have about your life and your loved ones. The reading is always directed by your soul’s desire and readiness to accept guidance. By asking specific questions, requesting help, or simply being open to guidance the angels will always offer loving and insightful messages. They can also send inspiring messages to help with your career, relationships, and well-being.

Spiritual Tarot Readings - $73 for half hour or $145 for an hour (Robin)

Robin Elizabeth listens to her angels and guides as they speak through her, channeling messages the angels and guides want passed on to the client. Along with tarot cards, Robin Elizabeth uses a pendulum, medicine cards and angel cards during the readings.

Please contact Robin directly for an appointment: 732-797-0804

Rising Awareness Session - 90 minute session - $125

(Deirdre Pope)

Join Deirdre, your guide, in this one on one session to gently and gracefully rise up old and unwanted wounds, behaviors, patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you, using the power and magic of sacred geometry art. All the sacred geometry art is handmade and one-of-a-kind create by Deirdre. The art was created through a meditation practice and therefore comes with a message from the universe.

Once we rise the awareness we can then take responsibility, let go and clear these old thoughts and behaviors making room for new thoughts, beliefs, ideas and habits that will serve you so that you can start living a new life of abundance, prosperity, health, happiness, love and all your dreams and desires will begin to appear as if magic using the mystical powers of sacred geometry art.

Please contact Deirdre directly for an appointment: 303-549-7713

Soul and Self Expansions - 1 hour-$110.00 (Jen Munselle)

 These sessions allows for energetic healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually thru the use of Reiki. During session, energetic channels are opened, chakras are balanced, and congestion and blocks are released and removed allowing for smoother flow of energy. During this time, you create a sacred space that allows you to open to your inner being enabling you to receive loving, guiding messages for your best and highest good.    Messages received while in your sacred space or thru Jenn during session, will be discussed in the end of the session.

Please contact Jen directly for an appointment: 732-695-3033.

Crystal Healing with Guided Meditation - 1 hour-$100.00 (Jen Munselle)

Here, gems and crystals of Mother Earth are incorporated into healing. Placed around and on you to clear, cleanse, heal and release that which no longer serves you.  The space created in the healing and releasing then allows for new energy more suited to whom and where you are at this step in your journey to enter. As you rest bathing in crystal energy, a guided meditation of your choice is recited to aid in the transition.

Guided Meditations: Balance, Release, Self-Love

Please contact Jen directly for an appointment: 732-695-3033.

Spirit Art - 45 minutes - $95.00 (Jen Munselle)

Using a variety of communication modalities, from color and symbols, to letters and words, your soul journey is revealed thru the creating of an auragraph. This is a drawing that provides insight into your soul/self expression and expansion. During session, the messages thru these communications are discussed to aid in the steps of your journey, and the auragraph is for you to refer to as needed.

Please contact Jen directly for an appointment: 732-695-3033.

Mediumship Readings - 45 minutes-$100.00 (Jen Munselle)

This session allows for connecting with loved ones who have transitioned to light energy. Jenn acts as a bridge connecting this physical dimension to the light dimension bringing thru messages for you reassuring you of the connection between dimensions.  Your loved one is reconnected with you thru messages, as well as thru the creation of a portrait.

Please contact Jen directly for an appointment: 732-695-3033.

Energy Session  Private - $150.00 per session (Denise)

One Hour Session of hands on of energetic healing with the use of ancient qi gong as medicine; Bio-Energy Healing; VibrationalAtunement with crystal tuning forks, Energetic Acupoint; Aroma Acupoint Therapy; Metamorphosis as energy medicine as well as healing hands practices and reiki.  This is a energy session that includes Amethyst BioMat.  This session will also included a creative visualization for self analysis.  This session can be used for acute pain & disease.

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Bio-Energy Sessions Private - $90.00 a session. (Denise)

60 minutes of exclusive Bio Energy Healing from Ireland.
A commitment of 5 sessions is $450 total paid in full at 1st session. This is a practice of energetic movements in and around the aura and meridians to create a healing movement within your energetic field. This practice you also receive acupoint aromatherapy, and tuning fork atunement throughout energy field. With continuation, Our clients are having an overwhelming amount of success in healing the mind, body, emotions and fears.

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Multiple Modality and Practitioner Sessions

Soul Connection | $200 for 90 minutes (Jen and Iris)

Soul Connection offers the client the opportunity to reveal and release restrictive energy in the mind/body complex.  In this “two to one” session, Reiki and Intuitive Readings are the vehicles for balance.  Jen offers her skills as a Reiki Master and clairvoyant, while Iris peers into the inner world of the client to give voice to what is arising as the session progresses. Through the synergy of their skills a potent threshold experience may be explored to address the clients stated needs.

The session begins with a verbal sharing between Iris and the client. Iris will ask several directed questions to help her understand what brings the client to this session.  The answers provided are the client’s contribution and statement of intent to his or her own healing process, and also provide the basis for the direction from which his or her soul will proceed in the session.   

The session continues with Jen, who offers Reiki to deepen the client in preparation for the reading phase.  As the session proceeds, Jen and Iris verbally offer what is received via their intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. The client’s soul, with great delight, may utilize this safe and loving opportunity to reveal an arrested portion of one’s soul development (fear, trauma, conditioning from numerous sources), and release what is discovered through the body’s tissues.  It is in the body’s tissues where much cellular memory is stored.

The session is completed in Jen’s presence.  Her Reiki skills provide closure to the session by energetically sealing the experience, thus allowing the body’s own healing abilities to carry the client through the ensuing days of integration.

Animal Reiki and Communication | $150 (Jen and Iris)

You and your animal companion are joined by Iris and Jen. As your companion animal finds its comfort level with us, Iris will ask you questions to orient her to the specific needs of your family situation. The Reiki practitioner, Jen, is assessing the situation in her own way, while you too are finding your comfort level. What follows is up to five minutes of silence as Iris intuitively receives what is needed to begin, either through the companion pet or the group soul of the pet. We notice that being heard is a great relief to the pet's well-being. As it becomes clear to the pet that all parties are here for his or her sake, we have witnessed the pet's movement toward specific areas of the room for what is most helpful. We have also witnessed the pet positioning him or herself into the hands of the Reiki practitioner, going into a 'zone' of deep reception of what is being offered. They may fall asleep, while continuing to energetically communicate their needs. Education of the process is offered as needed throughout the session. A plan might be offered, or simply words of encouragement for everyone. A follow-up appointment may be encouraged .




This session was life-changing and that is no exaggeration.
— Shannon
This place is a haven for peace. If you need to learn to love yourself, this is the place for you.
— Lisa
Thank you for creating such beautiful place for us healers to re-connect and re-boot.
— Nejie