Our Services

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Reiki | $75 per hour

The word Reiki translates to Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a light touch energy therapy that helps balance the mental, emotional, and physical bodies, Reiki is done fully clothed while lying on a massage table. The recipient is often left with a deep sense of peaceful relaxation.

Reiki and Ascension Guidance | $100 per 1 hour session

Jen is a clairvoyant and has been a Reiki Master for 15 years. Having done much exploration into the Ascension process she incorporates her intuitive skills along with her Reiki practice to give educational as well as personal guidance to her clients. The information she shares can help enlighten her clients to the meaning of their current situations, including understanding their life purpose, illuminating blocks, help with clearing those blocks, bringing balance to the energy field along with a healthy dose of encouragement.  

Massage | $75 per hour

Massage greatly decreases tension and stress.  It helps to detoxify the tissues, increases circulation and improve the functioning of the immune system.  Massage at New Earth combines soothing Swedish massage with myofascial and deep tissue techniques to help ease tension from stress-holding areas such as the shoulders, neck and lower back. Hot stones, aromatherapy and crystals may also be incorporated into your massage to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. 

Reflexology | $65 per hour or $40 per half hour

Reflexology is a holistic healing method which involves massage and pressure of the reflex points found on the hands and feet. These reflexes act as minors reflecting the vitality of the whole organism. Through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and by encouraging toxin release, reflexology encourages the body to heal itself.

Acupressure for Stress Relief | $35 per half hour

Seva Acupressure for Stress Relief is a gentle practice using the same therapeutic principals as acupuncture. Seva Stress Release protocol is designed specifically to ease the human stress response and support overall well-being. The goal of Seva Stress Release is not to "fix" or "help," but to offer the receiver an opportunity to come back home to themselves.

Hypnosis | $150 per hour

Hypnosis can be helpful for weight loss, smoke cessation, understanding phobias, fears and more. Hypnosis is NOT a loss for control, it is actually a heightened state of awareness. You are completely aware of your surroundings while tapping into a highly evolved part of the brain.

Intuitive Readings | $185 per 90 minute session, $100 per 45 minute session

What does your Higher Self most desire to share with you in this moment? A personal reading is psychological and spiritual in nature and is geared toward connecting you with your own wisdom Source. I offer you a felt sense of your own gifts by acting as an escort into your inner world. A personal reading is uniquely tailored to your present life path and orchestrated by the deepest part of you.

Beyond Quantum Healing | $377 (up to) 4 hour session

Beyond Quantum Healing is a heart-centered and energy-based modality built upon the classic past-life hypnosis regression model. BQH refrains from hard and fast rules and dogma and promotes creative and individualized approaches to healing. BQH is multi-dimensional, thus healing may occur on any or all levels: mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Astrological Support Sessions | from $150 

These sessions are meant to help you now by looking at the year ahead through your present state of consciousness. If a transit is extending further than a year, I will offer you the dates that will help you mentally and emotionally settle in with the process of what your soul has prepared for you. Human choices are everything here, and our choices come through our perceptual lenses. Astrology has the potential to help us perceive differently, thus helping us choose differently.

Shamanic Light Body Energy | $125

The session is based on the Shamanic tools of the Andes. We begin with a short discussion about challenges or changes you’d like to make in your life. The Illumination is the core process that clears chakras and removes heavy energies blocking your Light Body. I will take a journey on your behalf and together we will process the guidance I receive from my Spiritual guides. 

Sage Wisdom Mentoring | $300

We will discuss your goals, new projects and major shifts you would like to see in your life. We will continue with the Shamanic Light Body session and take the guidance I receive and incorporate into a plan for you. There will be four follow-up phone sessions to discuss your progress.

Light Body Reiki | $100 per session

The session begins with the Shamanic Light Body Illumination Clearing which uses sound and sacred stones to clear blockages on your energy field. Once we clear your energy field you are ready to receive the nurturing and healing touch of Reiki.

Angel Card Readings | $45 for 30 minutes

Angel card readings are a very safe and gentle way to receive answers to questions that you may have about your life and your loved ones. The reading is always directed by your soul’s desire and readiness to accept guidance. By asking specific questions, requesting help, or simply being open to guidance the angels will always offer loving and insightful messages. They can also send inspiring messages to help with your career, relationships, and well-being.

Spiritual Tarot Readings | $73 for half hour or $145 for an hour

Robin Elizabeth listens to her angels and guides as they speak through her, channeling messages the angels and guides want passed on to the client. Along with tarot cards, Robin Elizabeth uses a pendulum, medicine cards and angel cards during the readings.

Multiple Modality and Practitioner Sessions

Soul Connection | $200 for 90 minutes

Animal Reiki and Communication | $150




This session was life-changing and that is no exaggeration.
— Shannon
This place is a haven for peace. If you need to learn to love yourself, this is the place for you.
— Lisa
Thank you for creating such beautiful place for us healers to re-connect and re-boot.
— Nejie