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  • New Earth Community Connections 132 Main Street Manaquan, NJ (map)

Introduction to Rising Awareness (A small group workshop using Sacred Geometry Art + Reiki healing)

Join Deirdre, your guide, in this small group workshop to gently and gracefully rise up old and unwanted wounds, behaviors, patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you, using the  powers of sacred geometry art. All the sacred geometry art is handmade and one-of-a-kind create by Deirdre. The art was created through a meditation practice and therefore comes with a message from the universe.

Once we rise awareness, we can then take responsibility by letting go and clear these old thoughts and behaviors making room for new thoughts, beliefs, ideas and habits that will serve you so that you can start living a new life of abundance, prosperity, health, happiness, love and all your dreams and desires will begin to appear as if magic using the mystical powers of sacred geometry art.

What to expect: 

Awareness + self responsibility = self love + healing = freedom + wholeness + truth

  1. Introduction: Who am I? What is sacred geometry? Who are you and why are you here?

  2. Choose a sacred geometry art piece 

  3. Set the mood & get comfy: Music, lighting, temperature, etc

relaxation meditation & golden white light 

  1. Question work: I will ask a series of questions about the sacred geometry art. I will write down and take notes of your responses. This is where you will notice the old wounds coming to the surface.

  2. Focus and tools: We will create an affirmation or shift your perception and make a list of tools for you to focus on to restore your peace, harmony and balance.

  3. Reiki energy healing: We will close with a Reiki chair treatment to cleanse and restore positive energy for healing and restoration.

  4. Closing gratitude: It is when we allow these old wounds to surface and rise that we can set them free. This is when the healing begins. The healing back into our authentic selves, living our truth, becoming whole once again and living through the space of pure love, self-love, the space where we can love the deepest and be free to be our best selves

Deirdre works with secret geometry art to guide individuals toward a life of authenticity, truth, wholeness and self-love. She feels she has been given a gift and wants to give back by sharing the sacred geometry art and its mystical powers through her workshops. She believes that we can learn, love, grow, evolve and heal with the guidance of nature as well as being open and receptive to all of the abundance the universe has to offer.

Deirdre has her BA in psychology from Rutgers University and Reiki Master from Mary Tobin. She has practiced Reiki, meditation, yoga, holistic health and wellness along with creating and developing many different programs and lesson plans for individuals with disabilities and school programs for over 20 years. It is Deirdre’s dream to live out her life’s passion and purpose of being a humanitarian and holistic energy healer.


Earlier Event: August 29
The Shop Is Open! 1pm-5pm