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  • New Earth Community Connections 132 Main Street Manaquan, NJ (map)

At this event we will discuss what Light Language is, what it does and how this is a feeling experience of you as energy.
• Then we will have a group meditation to deeply ground to the heart of the earth and connect cosmically creating you as a bridge and pillar of light.
• We will invite in the Light Language and receive personal and group energy activations.
• To end we will complete the activation with a sharing of the energy received with grounding it to mother earth.
• A group discussion is opened if anyone chooses to share their experience of the energy, this also gives time to relax before getting up as Light Language can be very relaxing to your being.
Light Language is a universal multidimensional system of communication. Unlike the linear language we speak for a brain to brain connection or use of logic or intellect, Light Language speaks to the "knowing from the Heart” or Soul.
Most Light Language is not translated as a word for word transmission, it is a deeply layered alchemical communication of information that is truly beyond words. It may sound familiar and very loving to you as you hear and feel it and that is because it is a memory deep within your Heart. Each of us is fluent in this language on a subconscious level because it is the language of the soul and spirit.
Light is a carrier vehicle for consciousness and a base unit of rational information. The interaction with an observer/receiver creates specific information from the dynamic potential of the light,( metaphoric rainbow of the prism) therefore making it quantum in nature. The sound and light adjust to the resonance of each persons vibrational needs of the moment. These actions
initiate clearing, balancing, alignment and opening, bringing a new vibration of well being. This is the activation stage that opens up and spatially integrates the new vibration into your light body. With most people it shows up as a shift in perspective and it can take a few days or a few weeks for integration.
Seeing life differently=feeling differently=vibrating differently. The higher our vibration, the better quality of life.
A Light Language practitioner uses a form of sound therapy to help us connect with a higher realm of consciousness.These are individuals whose abilities have been activated to use this intuitive language. The Light channeled through the practitioner carries coded information that unlocks dormant codes of our DNA. Light Language can be spoken, sung, toned, written and/or signed with the hands.( codes can also come through the hands as a frequency)
We are impacted on a molecular, cellular and energetic level, resulting in a shift/healing of our bodies, mind and emotions. Light Language effects the the soul on a quantum level because of what it uses: sound; Light; pulses; movement; breath; sacred geometry; coding; elements; Heart field energy; collective consciousness and other healing frequencies.
Quite often linear thinking and communicating can limit us from our deep soul level connection and communication with our Creator and higher realms of consciousness. Light Language assists us in moving into our loving Heart space while we experience our divine designed soul and spirit in its everyday human existence. We are then enabled to bypass human
reasoning, if only for a brief moment, to remember a magical place so pure that it defies logical explanation. Those moments allow us to know that our experiences in those dimensions are more real than our daily lives.
Trusting the unknown=breaking through mental barriers=opening the confines of our heart.


Earlier Event: April 30
Later Event: May 1